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From Discouragement to Joy Recently we came back from a family camp. The children enjoyed themselves greatly, and Mary and I too were on a high seeing them so happy. About 10 minutes after we walked in the door we got a phone call. A call you just don't want after such a great time away.

It was one of my customers wanting her money back. She had previously purchased a Bible for her Jehovah's Witness mother. Then on delivery of that first Bible she ordered another one. After making three payments she said she didn't want it anymore and insisted on her money back.

After that call I was discouraged and went outside to pray. I asked God to lift the gloom and fill me with joy. A couple of hours later I received an other phone call. Another of my customers was on the phone. This call was very different to the first. It was one any literature evangelist would love to receive.

It was Kelly, a young woman with small children who had purchased many of our books. Because of her tremendous spiritual interest, I put her in con tact with Pastor Apostolis Maglis. She studied with him for a while until he received a call to work in Greece. I then asked Pastor Brian Lawty to continue the studies.

Unfortunately she did not continue studies and I hadn't heard from her for about a year. Well, what a pleasant surprise to receive her phone call! And at a time when I really needed it! We had a great talk on the phone and it was good to share with her.

Now having her contact me after not hearing from her for a while was exciting, but even more exciting was when she told me she wanted to be baptised! That was just the ultimate! Praise God! - Joe Paola, Southern Area

Important reading: To find why the Bible calls the Papal Church Babylon, please read the origin of Babylon and the Sunday Sabbath, paganism and Christianity and then how the Sabbath was changed to Sunday, so it will then be very clear how and why Satan did this. What is the number 666 has almost lost information explaining how 666 originally came from Babylon and why it is now applied to a man in the Papal Church. The secret rapture and the seven year tribulation is a huge and fast spreading deception from the real truth on the second coming of Christ Jesus. [dark]

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